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Sympathy Card for Friends

 Today I had to make one of those cards we don’t like to make.
I must say I do like this card, even though it is a sympathy card.  I saw a card that Michelle Last made similar to this one.  Her card inspired me to make this card!

Have a great day!


Terri Tosh

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My granddaughter’s dress!

Here is the very first dress I crocheted for my baby granddaughter!
She was born October 16th, I think she might be 4 years old before this dress fits her… Lol


This dress is so pretty in person, makes me smile every time I look at it! I am so amazed that I made this beauty. The only thing I’ve ever crocheted was blankets…all sizes and colors, but I’ve never done anything like this before. I will take it to her for Thanksgiving, and get a good laugh when I see how big it is next to her.

Thanks for stopping by,
Terri Tosh

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Birth announcements for my granddaughter…

I spent the week before last creating 50 birth announcements for my granddaughter!


I made 12 of each stack in this box so I wouldn’t get bored.
The stack of handprints are 1/2 footprints also. I made 7 of each of these to make a complete set of 50.

I put a return address on every envelope as well as a stamp to make it as easy as possible for my daughter in law to select a card, and write the address on the front of the envelope! She received them last Friday!

Karen and Leon have asked us not to post Isis’ picture on the internet.
She was born 10/16/2014 at 9:46 pm. 6lb, 13oz, 19.5″
She is doing well and is home! I can’t wait to see her in person and hold her!
I will see her for Thanksgiving!!!


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Never ending card…

I had never made one of these never ending cards before…
The wife of one of the men I work with sends yummy food to work with him for us, his coworkers!

I knew I had this retired cooking paper here at home somewhere, and wanted to make a thank you card for her. This is the card I made last night, and took to work today. We passed it around so everyone could write a note of thanks for her thoughtfulness and yummy treats! We all had fun signing different panels of this card!

I apologize for the not so great pictures, the lighting wasn’t what it should have been when I snapped these pics.

We will be making this card at stamp camp on the 12th of July! We will not be using the cooking paper, I only had 5 of these 6×6 pieces, and they were all used!

Please bring your paper cutter, you will be cutting the decorative pieces!







Sunny stamping,
Terri Tosh